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Sunday, 4 February 2018


First off, Instagram you are bloody hard work.

I set myself a goal this month to reach 200 followers on Instagram and I did it, yay!! I know 200 followers is so small to most bloggers but I have found it really hard to grow Instagram, so meeting my first mini-goal fills my heart with joy! I have posted content almost every day (the almost was because I went on an adventure weekend with huskies up North where we had no phone signal), and it has been hard work but it shows that posting regular content works wonders!

I was hovering at around 110-120 followers at the beginning of the year and it just wouldn't budge. Posting regular content and trying to keep a consistent theme (trying being the key word here) were my main focus; the January daylight, or lack of, was definitely a struggle at times. I now am around 240-250 so I've doubled my following! *happy dance*

Another thing I'm pretty proud of is growing my engagement. One of my goals was to also recieve 100 likes on one picture, I wasn't sure I would be able to achieve this in January but now my most likes on a picture are 126!! (YAY). I work really hard on engaging with people I follow and people that follow me. I know I have a small following but I constantly try to support the people that support me. I chat to people on their feed or stories and I love the people I follow and interact with, I think it makes a big difference.

Now, don't get me wrong, I gain around 20-30 new followers per post, and instantly lose around 20-25 the next day which does grind my gears a little because I wake up with 20 less followers, but that's Instagram for ya. So instead, I like to look at the trend over a few days or a week to see how my Instagram has actually grown. There is a great app called Iconosquare which shows your analytics, popular posts and growth in different formats so you can see how each post performs and the gradual trend of followers over time. You do have to pay for it but you can get a 30 day free trial which I have done and I am seriously considering paying for the app once the trial has finished.

HASHTAGS. I know, a huge lump of hashtags at the bottom of your post is not aesthetically pleasing but if you wanna grow your following you may want to consider it, I heard that now posting your hashtags in the comments doesn't work - is this a myth? So I just do the . . . trick (I'm hoping you know what I mean here) to try and keep the caption and hashtags separate which isn't ideal but what can ya do?

Some of my favourite ever bloggers have created their own hashtags recently and I am so down for it. Jemma from DorkFace has created the #shinyhappybloggers hashtag which is full of positivity and loveliness. And Rhianna Olivia has created #theuncoolclub hashtag; firstly, what a fab name, and it's already full of amazing content and lovely bloggers. The Uncool Club is also going to be a biweekly newsletter, showing again just how much of a power hub Rhianna is! I've set aside some time each evening to go through the hashtags and like, comment and spread the love on everyone's feeds.

I know Instagram has become a bit of a tough platform recently with the algorithm and so many people not actually seeing your content on their feed, but keep at it and share the love. Share your insta name in the comments and I'll head over and fill your feed with some love!

Lots of love,




  1. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who struggles with Instagram! Slow and steady will win the race though, I'm with you with posting regularly being the aim and it definitely works. Good work an I hope you continue to grow xx


    1. No I think we're all struggling to be honest! You are right, slow and steady organic growth is the way to go. Thanks lovely, you too! xx

  2. I find Instagram such hard work - but I haven't been very consistent with my posting. I must try harder! I love the colours on your Instagram - esp. the green!



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