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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

MINT: The best budgeting app ever

I've chatted about this before, I am SHIT at saving money. As in, I constantly think that someone has hacked into my bank account, but it's always me buying 7 coffees in a row thinking that it won't affect my bank balance at all. I love home decor, makeup and food; and, unfortunately, all of those things cost money. I'm trying really hard to save money right now and have been looking for a good budgeting app to use, I downloaded a few and Mint was one of them, and it is honestly so great. Plus... it's FREE.

Firstly, you sync your bank accounts to the app so that it can automatically add your transactions instead of you spending a stupid amount of time transferring them yourself. It will automatically find a category for each transaction (which you can change if it's not right!)  It will also be able to find your pay cheque and use this as your budget each month, which again you can change if needed.

Then you choose your budget, how much you expect to spend on different categories. For example, I know how much I'll spend on my phone bill, rent, Spotify payment etc. each month. Then you add, say for £200 for clothes, £50 for coffee and so on.

You can also set a goal, for savings or something you want to buy. You choose a reasonable amount to put towards that goal each month and Mint will deduct this from your budget every month and calculate how long it will take you. It also shows you reports on your spending, the places you visit most frequently or the transactions you spend the most on.

Another thing I love about Mint is that it's so user friendly, it looks great (which I have to admit, is a big factor for me) and you can use both the desktop version and the app.

There is a lot more which I am yet to discover as I've only been using it for about 3 months but it's helped me a lot with my out of control spending and just makes me think a little more about buying that extra coffee which will go over my budget on Mint.

Now, I realise this sounds like a sponsored post with how much I love it but it is not! I just want to share the money saving tips as I am always in desperate need.

Let me know if you have any other tips that help you!



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