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Thursday, 18 January 2018


I'm currently sitting here on a Sunday evening trying to think of meals for the next three days that have no added sugar. I have finally cracked (one week later than planned) and decided that I can no longer eat crap, my body hates me. Obviously as I am the biggest chocolate lover ever, and I don't believe in giving things up completely, I am going to still allow myself some sweet treats after this little experiment, but I wanted to kick things off with a little kick start to my body.

I'm not giving up ALL sugar completely, just processed and added sugar. I think if I wasn't able to reach for an apple when I actually wanted chocolate you would find me in a corner with the remains of a chocolate fudge cake 3 hours into this experiment.

Look at all the yuminess I can't eat

I am going to be very brave here and share my weight on each day (something I've always been quite self conscious of as most women are). Losing weight is not why I decided to do this, I like to be fit and yes losing a bit of jiggle would be nice, but I just want to generally feel better and have a better relationship with food and sugar. Also, obviously my weight change each day is definitely not fat loss, but it's interesting to see how much water retention and bloating I had day 1 vs. day 3!

Disclaimer: I tried my very hardest to eat no added sugar everything but I'm no expert, so if I mention something in the post that contains added sugar, I'm sorry! Please also let me know because so many items have added sugar and you don't realise!

Weigh in: 151 lbs

8:30am - I've just sat down at desk and I want a vanilla latte

10:00am - Worked through the craving and now I'm munching on an apple, still wish it was a vanilla latte

1:00pm - I. am. ravenous. Today for lunch I ate a tuna, tomato, cucumber and red onion salad with a little olive oil... yum.

3:00pm - I'm quite peckish, had a boiled egg which was delicious but not quite the sweet fix I was looking for

6:45pm - Urghhhh this is the worst time of day. I've just eaten dinner and now I NEED chocolate. Evening snacking is my biggest vice, I just automatically feel like I need a sweet treat after my dinner.

8:00pm - I decided on some natural yogurt and blueberries but still wasn't really what I wanted. I've brushed my teeth super early just to stop the cravings a little. SUGAR WHY DO YOU HAVE THIS HOLD OVER ME?

I was scrolling back through my insta on Monday and came across this, why do I taunt myself?

Weigh in: 148.8 lbs

7:30am - Definitely saw a difference on the scale this morning, I also do already feel better after eating healthy for just one day! For breakfast I had porridge with unsweetened almond milk, chia seeds, cinnamon and a banana. It was delish.

10:00am - Again, I'd like a sweet treat. I've opted for two boiled eggs and actually I'm pretty happy with that.

12:00pm - Wow I am so glad it's 12, I am very hungry today. I am having quinoa, chicken and veg, tastes good but it's pretty dry. If I want to continue this I definitely need to get more adventurous (and less lazy) with my cooking.

2:15pm - SOMEONE HAS BROUGHT DONUTS INTO THE OFFICE. Must resist the smell, must resist that delicious sugar.

2:17pm - I am eating my apple with a scowl on my face watching everyone tuck into their donuts.

6:00pm - Again I have just finished dinner and I want something sweet, two oranges will have to do, these are a better snack than last night.

Since I like my coffee with creamy milk & sugar, tea has been my bestie

Weigh in: 148.4 lbs

7:00am - Woo I made it to day three, I had the same breakfast as yesterday which fills me up nicely.

10:30am - Waited a little later to have my boiled eggs today. I know it will get boring eating the same snacks every day, but I haven't got there yet, still loving these eggs.

12:30pm - A few people got McDonald's for lunch today at work. Boo you, team.

3:00pm - I have realised that I get hungry at 3pm on the dot every day. Another apple for me, I am enjoying this mid-afternoon snack. The less carb and sugar heavy food means I don't want to crawl under my desk and nap for an hour afterwards.

5:30pm - I am soo hungry, I'm having extra lean beef mince with chopped tomatoes and veg for dinner, it's tasty and filling. I do still fancy a sweet treat after dinner but I think my body is beginning to realise that all it's getting is fruit and I feel like it may be able to get used to this.

YAY I DID IT! I know a three day experiment isn't very long (lol) but I feel better already and have even just got back from a run - my first workout since the New Year! I really do think that giving myself a short goal and focus like that is great, if I had said 'No sugar for a month', I would have definitely failed very quickly. To be honest I feel like I could go a little longer doing this no sugar thing (but I'm going out for dinner and drinks tomorrow so we'll see how long that lasts).

I think this is great if you want to give yourself a nudge in the right direction, you start to feel a little better, see small changes and this is what motivates you to keep going. I'll be sure to keep you updated on my sugar addiction over on twitter and instagram (both @eliseroseloves).

Have you ever done anything like this? Let me know how you got on!





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