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Saturday, 27 January 2018


Last weekend was an absolute dream, for Mark's birthday I planned an adventure up North to sled with the most beautiful huskies and it was a bucket list experience that we didn't even realise until we did it!

The trip started off very well as I'd rented the cheapest car you could get and we were upgraded to a fancy Audi, I got to snuggle on the heated passenger seat whilst Mark was loving the actual drive through the snow. The drive was just under 3 hours and we had to follow instructions that I had printed off of the website and use a map (I know, AN ACTUAL PHYSICAL MAP), which was difficult with my awful sense of direction, but we made it!

One of the first pictures we saw, have you ever seen a happier dog?

Once we arrived we were given a little introduction on the story of the family, the dogs and how they ended up with a family of 150 Siberian huskies! You could tell that they love the dogs so much, none of them are ever given away, they're all part of the family. This was SO important to me and you could really see it in the relationship they had with each and every one of them. As soon as we were brought outside the dogs started barking and howling with excitement, we waited at our sled for them to be brought over and we were given one each to hold onto until the others were harnessed and ready to go; they were so strong and excitable it was an effort to keep them with us!

Mark and Shadow (one of my favourite pictures ever)

Then we got to get to know our dogs, now I may be biased, but we totally had the best dogs. Their names were Shadow, Hedwig, Anchor and Wyatt and they had the best personalities. Shadow was by far the most attention seeking, playful and cheeky and would howl if you weren't paying him enough attention! 

Mark was the first person to drive the sled so I got to sit in the passenger seat with a blanket over me and relax as I was taken through a beautiful trail in the snow covered forest. The dogs were so excited, if you put the brake on they would literally turn around and I'm sure their barks translated to 'Come onnn, just let us run!' 

 Giving the dogs some love at our half-way stop 

It was so peaceful and beautiful being taken through the white blanketed forest, although sometimes the dogs would get so excited and run so fast that I nearly flew off of the sled! At the half-way mark, we had a snack and some hot chocolate and the dogs had some hot dogs (I've never seen so much excitement and heard so much noise when they caught sight of the food). At the half-way point Mark and I swapped so that I was driving the sled, I didn't realise that you could sweat in -10 degree temperatures. It was WAY harder than it looked, but also super fun. Although the dogs totally didn't listen to my 'authoritative' voice, even when I had both feet on the brake and was trying to slow them down they just ignored me.

It is the most surreal feeling, it sounds silly - but you feel so at one with nature, it's so quiet and still. It's like the natural way of driving before cars were invented, if that makes any sense at all (probably not).


All in all, we had the most amazing time, the experience isn't cheap but if you love dogs and can withstand a bit of cold then it is so worth it. It's absolutely something I will never ever forget. 

We were on the half-day tour with Winterdance Dog Sled Tours which is about 3 hours north of Toronto and I would really recommend them, family run, couldn't be more helpful or friendly and made our experience the best it could be. 

Have you ever done anything like this? I'd love to get some more adventure ideas!





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