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Sunday, 26 November 2017


Black Friday has come and gone and my bank balance is in an unhappy place, I found myself wondering why I am in the same position every month. I regularly try to budget my money on rent, food, savings and a little spending - but I am always left struggling to make the last few days of the month.

So, I decided to get my shit together.

For the past month I have been really watching my bank account and seeing where my money really goes and I have managed to cut out a good bit of unnecessary spending and I thought I'd share my secret for any other shopaholics like me (I may or may not have spent a chunk of those savings on Black Friday, but let's ignore that).

Now I've realised a lot of these revolve around food (lol), because that's what I seem to spend most of my money on... oops.

1. Make yummy lunches at home

We have the yummiest food hall below my office and it is very tempting to buy lunch everyday. But it is also so expensive, it ended up costing me at least $10 - $14 a day (about £6 - £9)! I tried to make some boring lunches but then I'd end up just leaving them in the fridge and going to buy lunch anyway.

I think you really need to find an easy and quick lunch to make that is delicious, I'm currently making a lunch that takes me about 5 minutes to put together (I cook the quinoa in bulk in advance):
1 can of tuna
1 handful of spinach & baby kale
About 30g quinoa (I just guess)
4/5 chopped cherry tomatoes
A few cubes of cucumber
A drizzle of honey dijon dressing

This is a mainly healthy lunch (don't add too much dressing!) And it is also so tasty and requires very little effort, my favourite kind of lunch! I've ended up saving over $50 a week doing just this and because I love the lunch so much I don't even want to go and buy lunch.

2. Save eating out for the weekend or cook for friends!

Saying this, don't eat out for every meal all weekend like I do. Brunch, lunch, dinner are all so easily accessible living in the city and it's a bad habit. My boyfriend and I usually go out for dinner on Friday evenings after work as a little treat. Then we meet up with friends on the weekend and they easiest thing to do is grab a bite. I've started inviting people to ours and cooking dinner (I love being a hostess anyway, especially in our new apartment), usually people bring a bottle of wine and it ends up being so much cheaper, plus it's really fun!

3. Wait at least three days until you get that item you really want

I saw a snowman Christmas onesie that I loved and really wanted, and it was $60 (about £35). I decided to wait for three days, and ended up finding an even better, and cheaper, one on ASOS! Then again, I really wanted ta Matt & Nat leather backpack for work (find it here), shopped around and waited three weeks and still was obsessing over it so I decided to buy it and do not regret it one bit! I think if you give yourself time, take a look and see what else is on the market, and still want the item - get it!

4. Window shop online

This is one of my favourite pastimes, online shopping, adding everything I love to my basket, then clicking the little x button. I think sometimes it's just enjoyable to see what's out there, when you take a look at your basket and see it's £300+ you'll quickly be brought back down to earth and decide on only the items you really love.

5. Make coffee at home

If you're a coffee drinker, this is a difficult one. It is such a treat for me to grab a coffee on the way to work, tastes way better than crappy instant coffee and feels like a little luxury on these chilly mornings. But man does it burn a hole in your bank account. A grande Starbucks latte in Toronto costs over $5 (around £3) which doesn't seem like much, but that's $25 a week that could be put towards something else you want to invest in, that money will quickly add up. I'd love to get a money box and everyday add money to it that I would have been spending on coffee.

If you have any tips on how you save money I would love to hear them!

Lots of love,



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