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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Toronto Brunching

Brunch, an excuse to eat naughty food and drink mimosas before 12pm. What's not to love? Toronto has some amazing brunch spots and I wanted to share some of the best Toronto Brunch spots I've found so far (sorry in advance as this post will more than likely make you hungry for all the brunch deliciousness...)


Bacon, Patatas Bravas, Jam & Toast
French Toast with strawberries & Maple Syrup

I think this may be my fave brunch spot in Toronto so far; not only is their food amazing, but their coffee is also unreal. Coming from Australia, where the coffee is like an art, I haven't been too impressed with Toronto's coffee so far; but Portland Variety gave me the first decent latte since I arrived and for that I am forever grateful.

Look at that French Toast; it is beautiful, delicious, and sooo filling. I would definitely advise sharing, there are so many goodies on the menu that sharing is a great idea so you can try a little selection of everything. My boyfriend is very fussy but even he found a little selection of food that he loved!

Check out their Instagram here (don't blame me when you drool over your phone).


The dreamiest blueberry buttermilk pancakes

Another ridiculously aesthetically pleasing brunch spot in Liberty Village. We waited over an hour to try these pancakes but it was so worth it. I cannot explain how amazing these are, smothered in maple syrup and paired with a blueberry mimosa I could have died and gone to heaven and I would have been very happy. Check out their menu here


A.M Poutine with Hollandaise 

Lady Marmalade is all about the food, a tiny spot in the East of the city, it has some creative and delicious eats. I opted for the AM Poutine with two poached eggs and hollandaise which was unreal. The portion looks pretty small but it was so filling. We all ordered different items from the menu and all absolutely loved the food. It is so different and delicious, will definitely be returning to try some more on the menu. Drool over the menu here.

I will without a doubt have a Toronto Brunching Episode 2 in the near future I am sure. Toronto even has it's own Brunch Map, that's how many places there are to explore! Have to been to any brunch spots in Toronto that I could try next?

Lots of love,

Elise Rose




  1. I am such a foodie, my mouth is watering just checking out this post! Portland Variety looks delicious!
    Ffi | The Essence of Red

  2. Portland Variety is my favourite place, the coffee there is amazing to! I'm about to go to Brunch now and I'm flippin' excited xx


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