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Tuesday, 24 October 2017


I love reading so many blogs, but there are a few that I just keep going back to knowing that I will, without a doubt, love their newest post. These ladies are just a few of my current favourite bloggers and I wanted to show them some love. Grab a cuppa, snuggle up and have a nosy around their blogs.



Take a look at Rhianna's blog here

I'm not going to lie, Rhianna is my girl crush. She's funny, witty and just generally great. I am always browsing her blog. I love to grab a cup of tea, get cosy and read one of her chatty posts. I love when someones personality comes through in their writing and I literally feel like they're just chatting to me; Rhianna has totally nailed this. She has a mix of everything really, I particularly love her blogging tips and posts about life in general. She's also killing it on InstaStories, check out Rhianna's Instagram here.



Take a look at Jemma's blog here

This girl is SO TALENTED. If you haven't seen her artwork over on Etsy you need to check it out here. Jemma is also just so lovely, I have followed her for a few years now, and along with her amazing creative talent, she's always spreading the love and positivity on her blog. If I'm in need of a boost or just feeling a little down, reading through Jemma's posts never fails to cheer me up. Also, Jemma's InstaStories of her painting are the most calming and relaxing things EVER (give her a follow here).



Take a look at Chloe's blog here

This is a blog I have started following recently but I love Chloe's photography and her advice posts in particular. She has some great advice for smaller bloggers and I have learnt so much from her posts! Also her blog is just beautiful, so clean and fresh. Chloe also has a 'Photo Diaries' section of her blog which I love scrolling through. There is so much fab content I could get lost in it all day long. Of course, the photos on her Instagram are just as fab as on her blog, check it out here.



Take a look at Amie's blog here

Again, this is a lady I have just started following and MAN I have been missing out! She's fab. I have already bookmarked a few recipes that I would love to try. She's so positive and has some amazing unique posts, I literally spent so long reading through her archives. Also her Instagram feed is also to die for (take a look for yourself here). I know that she will definitely be a go to blog from now on.

Basically, all of these ladies are fab, I hope you take a read and love them as much as I do. I would love you to comment your link down below so I can find some new favourites to read & let me know of your favourites too!





  1. oh babe this is so so lovely, thank you SO much! I really appreciate this, and its made me smile so much! xx

    1. Aw I'm so pleased, you're welcome! I've loved your blog for yeaaars xx

  2. Aw, I’m blushing! Thank you so much! I already follow all these other lovely ladies and am so honoured to be included in a post with them! You’ve made my day xx

    1. Yay I'm glad, you're welcome!! Your blog is so great, I love having a read through your posts xx

  3. Rhianna's blog is one of my favourites too! I've also just started following Amie and I'm loving her content.

    Sharni xo
    A Girl & Grey


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