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Saturday, 23 September 2017

The best burger in Australia - Betty's Burgers

I promise you, this is the best burger you will ever eat. I've awarded it the Best Burger in Australia however it may actually be the best burger in the UNIVERSE.

Not only is it the best burger, but it's also in one of my favourite places in Aus. Noosa.     

Loving life on Noosa main beach.

So let's get down to the part you all came for, the FOOD. So on the corner of the little Noosa high street is a place called Betty's Burgers. It has a very chilled beach vibe as most people have literally just walked off of the beach and into Betty's.

I went for the classic cheese burger with skinny fries. But your Betty's Burgers experience isn't complete without having one of their famous concretes for dessert.  Basically they call these a mix between custard and ice cream, then you can chose from about 147 different toppings to add on top (plus hot fudge or marshmallow sauce). Click here for their menu on all the yummy goodness they have to offer!

Let me know of your fave burger place or if you've experienced Betty's amazing burgers before. If you ever visit Australia, it should be top of your list (Noosa is pretty great too).

Lots of love,

Elise Rose


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