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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Healthy Habits: Where is my motivation?

I really don't get why I find it so hard to motivate myself. Eating well AND exercising at the same time seems to be such a hard task to tackle.

I honestly can't express how important I think it is to find a gym you love. I fell in love with the first ever gym I went to and I haven't found a great one since (despite that original gym costing me £10 a month!).

That was until I arrived in Brisbane, I found a gym that I love again. It's called 12 Rounds Fitness and basically it's a high intensity 45 minute workout. It consists of twelve three minute rounds with a 30 second break in between each. I think the thing I love most is the boxing element, I feel so strong and fit after a workout. It is slightly more expensive but you basically get a Personal Trainer for the session without having to pay the price of a PT! (you also get your first 2 weeks free and a pair of free boxing gloves).

HOWEVER (and this is a big however), I just haven't seemed to be able to get my eating habits under control. I can be so motivated first thing in the morning and by the afternoon I think 'I don't care I'll just have that chocolate bar/bagel/timtam/anything unhealthy within reach'. My motivation drops for 5 seconds and my little devil side takes over, as soon as I've finished I feel so angry at myself. It's such an unhealthy relationship with food that I neeeed to change. Especially as eating badly really does affect any weight loss that I may be seeing from the gym. As long as my eating is bad, I rarely see much change in my body.

So this week I have decided to get my act together. I'm going to focus on weekly achievable goals of eating healthy and hopefully see some results which will spark my motivation again.

Do you have any tips on motivation for eating healthy?

Lots of love,

Elise Rose


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