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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

July Favourites

So July as been a big month for me, leaving my job & moving to Australia has been scary/hectic/amazing. What with all the travels & airport shopping I have definitely found a few news faves that I wanted to share..

MAC Honey Love & Whirl

These were my cheeky little airport purchases. I've been pairing MAC Honey Love with a little Carmex on top to give it a little gloss which I think looks lovely. The whirl lipliner I have been pairing with Velvet Teddy and I'm loving the combo.

'Shakshouka': Poached eggs in Tomato Sauce

I devoured mine before I remembered to take a pic, so this gorgeous pic is from here.

I originally saw these on Niamah's snapchat, Niamah has a blog called Eat Like A Girl and she is absolutely obsessed with eggs and is always sharing new recipes on her snapchat. You should definitely give her a follow, she's one of my favourite people to watch on snapchat, her username is: eatlikeagirl.

I found this recipe and kind of adapted it by just using whatever I could find in the apartment, and instead of having it on toast I made sweet potato wedges and dipped those in (YUM).

Me Before You

This. Book. I saw the film when it came out in the cinema and bawled my eyes out. I've been reading the book and it's even more incredible, the story is so lovely but heart wrenching, I absolutely love falling in love with a book and it hasn't happened in so long. Is it just me who feels like I have to ration myself with how much I read at one time so I don't finish it too quickly?


Tim tams are an Aussie favourite. They are kind of like a penguin bar but way better. By far the best way to eat them is to bite off one corner, then bite off another corner diagonally to that, then suck the tea through it and eat it before it falls apart, it is INCREDIBLE. (follow my snapchat if you want to see a better explanation, I eat them all the time: eliserose_loves).


How can I not mention my new home, Brisbane! This city is so vibrant and buzzing but chilled out at the same time. We're living right next to the Southbank and there is always something going on. July was 'Good Food Month' which made me insanely happy as I love food more than anything. 

This was a pretty mismatched mix of favourites this month but I hope you enjoyed reading. Leave your links to your July Favourites blog posts so I can have a look through!

Lots of Love,

Elise Rose


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