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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Little ways to boost your bank balance

For the past few months I have been saving for my move to Australia, and let me tell you something, saving is DIFFICULT. Especially when you see bloggers buying gorgeous products, have 10% off codes hitting your email inbox and basically just every time you walk past a shop window.

I am definitely not the best saver, I am the first to admit that I love a bit of shopping. So when I realised that I needed a little extra money before jetting off, I found these came in handy...

1. Survey Websites

A great website, Toluna basically gets you to do surveys (it can be on anything and everything) and you earn points from each survey you do. You can then use these points for lots of different 'prizes', a lot of these being gift cards. I recently got a £5 gift card for River Island! Now in fairness, I did have to do quite a few surveys to get it, but if you've got a bit of spare time, just do them when you can and you'll soon see the points adding up!

2. eBay/Depop

I have been packing up all my stuff and I've sold SO much stuff on eBay, I've made about £200 now and hopefully have a bit more to come. You can sell basically anything on there, start at a fairly low and realistic price and you'll definitely have a bit of interest (just make sure you know how much your postage is going to cost because I've been bitten with that one a couple of times!) Depop is especially great for clothes, you can also buy some amazing clothes on there for so much cheaper than their original hughstreet prices.

3. Clothes4cash

If you have clothes that are just too old to do anything with (i.e you can't sell them or give them to charity), then you can literally bag them all up in a bin bag and take them to a 'Clothes4cash' place, you get a certain amount of money per kilo. Now it isn't that much money, but if you were going to throw them away, you might as well make a little cash on them, every little helps! These places are hidden everywhere, just do a little search on google for your area!

These little changes have definitely helped me save more (whilst still occasionally indulging in my shooing habit), I hope it helps some of you!

Do you have any tips for saving money?

Lots of love,

Elise Rose



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