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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

My Car Journey Essentials

Long car journeys can be so boring. Sitting in the same seat for hours on end with no wifi? No thanks.

So here are things I like to take on a car journey (some of these are only for passengers, sorry drivers, you may have to stay bored).


On a long journey this is a must, there will always be someone who's moaning about being hungry (it's usually me). We pack a little picnic bag full of sweet and savoury treats and some drinks to keep us going. Then usually a cup of tea or a hot chocolate at the service station!


Is it just me who loves kicking my shoes off and getting all nice and cosy on a car journey? We bring blankets and pillows to get all snuggly and cosy in the back, and probably fall asleep five minutes later.


Luckily I have never been car sick. So time spent in the car is often time I get to catch up on a good book that I've been wanting to read without feeling guilty that I'm probably meant to be doing something else.


My sisters and I love a good game. On car journeys we usually play 'heads up' (it's an app, look it up) or you can make up your own games, for example each write down 10 objects and play 'bingo' in the car and whoever loses can buy your tea/hot chocolate at the services.


Make yourselves a fun spotify playlist that you can sing (inappropriately loudly) to in the car, it breaks up a journey and you'll have so much fun. Spotify also have ready made playlists for just about everything, including long car journeys.


This is probably the most important, I know you can't always kidnap your friends and force them to come with you, but if you can get company on a long journey its great. On my car journey's I always end up having a good, sometimes really deep, chat with a friend. You can't beat a good chat!

So there are my essentials for a car journey, do you have any more that help you on a long journey?

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  1. I'd love some tips and tricks for drivers preparing for a long car journey! It's a 4 hour drive to my partners parents house and these are great for him in the passengers seat but I could do with some tips for me.
    Ffi | The Essence of Red

  2. haha I think that's the tough part, me and my partner have started to do a quiz. The passenger just finds one online and then reads out the questions for the driver to guess, it makes the time fly by! xx


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