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Friday, 14 August 2015

August Birchbox

This is possibly my favourite Birchbox yet. The 'Beauty Junkie' Birchbox is (obviously) incredible for the beauty lover! I'll go through the products for you and let you know my first impressions.


Birchbox like to occasionally add a touch of their own personality to these boxes and these emoji stickers are so cute, I think these little treats really tie the boxes together and feel so personal!


I've actually been wanting to try these for a while. My skin has been playing up lately, but as soon as I got this box I haven't had one spot to test these patches on. It's weird that I'm kinda waiting for a spot so I can try these, I'll let you know how they are!


This looks amazing! I go to the gym regularly and I find that if I wash my hair too much then there's quite a lot of product build up which I hate. You use this shampoo on your hair once or twice a month to give it a good cleanse and refresh. I'm pretty sure this will be a repurchase! 


I've never tried a clay exfoliant so this is intriguing. It smells really fragrant and seems like it would be a little luxury! You can also use it as a body mask which I will definitely be trying on a pamper day!


Now this does look like a gorgeous blush and I can't wait to try it, however the only thing I am a little disappointed with is the packaging inside the box. I know it's only a tester, it's just I feel it looks a little unfinished, especially as the full sized blush is £17, it would wow me a little more if they tried harder with this tester packaging.


This looks and feels like a really high quality scrub. I've found with exfoliants that they don't really do the job properly unless they're good quality, so I'm excited to use this!


I've been using this since I opened this months Birchbox and I love it. I was introduced to 'The Balm' through Birchbox and their products never fail to impress. They're always in the cutest packaging and are really high quality, cannot fault it!

So there was this months Birchbox, I love finding new brands and discovering what's in my box each month! Are there any other beauty boxes you recommend?

elise rose


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