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Friday, 8 May 2015

The Spring Tag

Thank you so much to Charlotte Ann who tagged me in 'The Spring Tag', go check out her lovely blog here.

Oh I do love Spring, not too hot that I'm melting in a puddle of sweat but warm enough to show off my wardrobe besides the coat. With no further ado, here is The Spring Tag...

1. What are three colours that remind you of Spring?

Mint green, coral orange and sky blue.

2. What is the first thing you added to your spring wardrobe?

I bought a gorgeous pair of platform white heels from New Look, I'm so in love.

3. What is the first item of clothing you ditch to make it more Spring like?

Definitely my big wooly jumpers, I love them in the winter but I'd rather swap them for a cute and lightweight kimono in the Spring.

4. What are your ultimate nude and bright lipsticks?

MACs Velvet Teddy for a nude lip any day of the week. I recently purchased a Calvin Klein lipstick for the first time in 'Orange Too' and I can tell it's going to be my staple bright lipstick in the coming months.

5. What is your signature Spring fragrance?

It has to be Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream.

6. What do you add to or drop from your skin care routine?

I am super pale, so as soon as the sun comes out from behind the clouds I'll start smothering the sun cream on.

7. Do you change your hair in the Spring?

I had my hair cut short a few months ago, from bum length to shoulder length, check out my post on it here! I really like the length of it at the moment so it will probably stay like this for the Spring.

8. Are there any exciting beauty releases that you are looking forward to?

I'm (always) hoping that there will be a few new Lush products out this Spring/Summer.

9. What are your top three nail colours for Spring?

These are the exact same colours that remind me of Spring: mint green, coral orange and sky blue.

10. Who do you tag?

I tag:

Bex - Weight loss, life and all that jazz!
Rebecca Marie - A Little Bit of Everything

Feel free to do this tag yourself and let me know on twitter so I can have a read!

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