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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

REVIEW: Crest Professional White Teeth Whitening Strips

One of my friends told me about these strips, and I don't have particularly stained teeth as it is - but as it's approaching summer and I have many leaving balls and graduation at University, I thought I'd give them a go.

Firstly, these aren't available in the UK, I had to buy them through amazon, but (apparently) dentists do recommend them and they aren't bad for your teeth unless you use them more than twice a year.

Basically, you put these strips on your teeth for half an hour a day, it does say you can do it twice a day but my teeth are too sensitive so I stuck with once a day.

The strips are very easy to apply and you literally just pull them off once half an hour is up. I only have one issue, it's not really a complaint because I knew that it would happen, but the sensitivity is not great. I strongly suggest you use a sensitive toothpaste just before, during and after the whitening treatment. I wasn't in agony but my teeth were a lot more sensitive than usual. Other than that, I thought the product was great and really easy to use!

Here are my before, during (when the strips were on) and after pictures. I used the strips once a day for five days:

It's hard to capture the difference on camera, I definitely do see a difference; admittedly not a dramatic one. However I do still have five strips left in the packet as I only applied them once a day. But I think I'll give my poor teeth a rest for now!

I do think these worked and (if you're brave) you can do the treatment twice a day and probably see more effective results. They're definitely way cheaper than any treatment you'll find at the dentist!

Have you tried these before? Did they work for you?

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