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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Healthy Habits .3 - Healthy Breakfast Ideas

I never used to eat breakfast, but once I started I was hooked and now I can't start my day without it! Here's some breakfast ideas I like to eat throughout my week to mix it up a little!

Poached eggs & Smoked Salmon

This is a bit more of a luxurious breakfast. Poach one or two eggs and have with a couple of slices of smoked salmon. Sometimes if I'm extra peckish, or I'm having this for brunch, I'll put it on some toast and add a little avocado and spinach. Delicious.

Yoghurt & Berries

This is a really quick and easy breakfast, get some greek yoghurt, and if you're like me and don't like the taste of it plain, I like to add a frube or a little teaspoon of jam to give it a bit more flavour (is that strange?) Then I just add some raspberries, strawberries and blueberries (or whatever fruit you have lying around) and it's done! Easy, simple and delicious.

Banana, Strawberry & Peanut butter Toast

Again this is easy, slap some natural peanut butter on a slice of wholegrain toast, top with sliced banana and strawberries then tuck in. I find that just one slice of this is pretty filling, and I'll eat the rest of the banana with it too!

Porridge, Honey & Berries

A nice bowl of porridge never fails to fill you up. It's extra healthy if you use almond milk, and if you add a squeeze of honey, a few berries and a dash of cinnamon you get an amazingly delicious, filling and healthy breakfast!

Breakfast Smoothie

Finally is my breakfast smoothie. This takes a little more effort and a few more ingredients but it's super healthy and really filling. You can mix up the flavours but I usually just chuck in:

three ice cubes
one banana
one pear
four prunes
one handful of spinach
one handful of kale
one tablespoon of a 'multi seed mix'
fill it up about half way with coconut water

So there are a few of my regular breakfasts! So healthy, yummy and filling! Do you have any breakfasts that you absolutely love? Please let me know!

elise rose


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