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Friday, 13 February 2015

Preparing for a weekend away

I'm going to Dublin this weekend, and as I'm an organisation freak, I've been running through all sorts of lists and scenarios in my head so we have the perfect weekend! Here are some of my tips...

Pack right

So this is something I haven't mastered yet, but some great advice is to only pack what you're going to wear. However I usually use the excuse of 'I don't know what the weather's going to be like'.
If you're only taking hand luggage, remember to take little tubs of beauty items. You're only allowed up to 100ml so make sure to take smaller bottles or your beloved beauty products may have to be left behind at the airport.
If you need to save space in your luggage, roll clothing instead of folding, it saves space!

Set an itinerary  

This may be my organisation freak emerging, but I like to plan and know what I'm going to do so I don't walk around aimlessly and can get as much squeezed in as possible. I usually look up popular places and decide which ones I'm going to go to.

Be organised

As you've seen in my previous post 'How to Survive long journeys', I take a travel pouch away with me. This keeps all of my important documents in one place. Passports, boarding passes and documents all stay in one place tucked away safely in my bag. 
I also always make a checklist, I am list obsessed so there will be a list for packing, itinerary and timings of all forms of travel.
Find a map or use your phone. You're in a new place and you probably don't know your way around, I am rubbish at reading maps so I usually use my phone (or make my boyfriend read the map).

Go on trip advisor before the trip

I swear by Trip Advisor. There are great reviews of basically all places. When I went to Budapest, we found a free walking tour on there and it ended up being great!
Reviews of hotels and the best places to go from real people are so helpful, it is SO easy to use. It has tips from travellers as well as their own photos and reviews of their experiences.

Don't stress

Once you're on your way, just enjoy it. You may forget your toothbrush or get lost because you turned left instead of right... but you're making memories, have fun!

I am so excited for Dublin this weekend! Anyone else going on a weekend away soon?

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  1. Have fun in Dublin! I was there not long ago, I actually wrote a blog post about what I wore! It is such a gorgeous city!

    1. it was great thank you! it's such a lovely city isn't it, I'll check out your post now!


  2. Have fun! I always pack extras then complain I can't fit everything!
    Rebecca // xx

    1. I had such a good time thank you, hahaha so do I.. then half the clothes I don't end up wearing!


  3. I live in Northern Ireland and I still haven't managed to visit Dublin haha :') shame on me! definitely an idea though :) I hope you have a great time! and I love your organisation, I know I'd be the same :)x

    1. haha aw you should, it's so gorgeous! I did have a great time thank you! hahaa yeah such an organisation freak!



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