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Sunday, 1 February 2015

How to survive long journeys

I am constantly travelling the country to visit family and friends. By far the longest (and worst) journey I do is travelling from London to Glasgow on the coach.

As I'm a student I can't afford a train or flight, so I use a budget coach company called megabus.
The coaches aren't too bad, there are plug sockets and air-con/heating; but it is still a coach, they're never going to be that comfy. So the 10 hour journey consists of having a backache and sitting too close to a sweaty, snoring stranger. Delightful.

So I've compiled a few tips on how I like to keep myself entertained on these treacherous journeys.

1. Travel pouch

I'm a self confessed organisation freak. I love being organised and I'm so stressed when I'm not. This cute little pouch contains all my essential documents when travelling and I use it all the time. It helps that it looks so lovely too.

2. Music & daydreaming

When listening to my music I usually find myself staring blankly out of the window, sometimes at the lovely scenery, usually at the motorway. But, when you're so busy all the time, sometimes you forget it's nice just to do nothing. It's so relaxing listening to music and letting your mind wander.

3. Comfy clothes

There's nothing worse than being uncomfortable on a long journey. I like to wear leggings and layers. You never know if the train/coach is going to be too hot or too cold; by layering you're covering yourself for either outcome. Also if it's cold it's always nice to get all cosy in a hoodie.

4. Netflix

If you're lucky enough to have a plug socket when travelling, and you're also lucky enough to have unlimited (or a lot of) internet; Netflix is a great idea. I'm usually travelling with my laptop anyway, so I tether my phone to my laptop and I can catch up on my favourite series.
Bonus: There's not much else to do so I always feel less guilty binge-watching when travelling.

5. Snacks & drinks

These are a MUST. I love my food, and being bored on a long journey just sets off my hunger pangs. I always bring at least two drinks and mountains of snacks, set myself up with Netflix and get all cosy. Actually, I quite enjoy it sometimes.

6. Bring a book

Currently I'm reading Paper Towns by John Green. I always like to take a book on the coach or train, not only does it pass the time, but reading also makes me quite sleepy (and I'm rubbish at sleeping on coaches) so I usually fall asleep after reading which kills a couple of hours.

So some little things I usually do on long journeys, I'd love to know other things people to to keep themselves entertained!

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  1. These are all great tips and make me want to go on a long road trip! Comfortable clothes are essential and I couldn't agree with you more on snacks and drinks.. Haribo is always a good choice! ;)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice 


    1. aw thank you! Haribo are a must, tangfastics are my absolute favourites!


  2. I love paper towns! Have you got anymore books that you recommend? xxx

    1. I've only just started reading it but it's really good! I'm guessing you've also read The Fault In Our Stars, loved that too. Maybe try some Nicholas Sparks books? They can be a pretty good read


    2. Yeah, I read that a lot time ago but Sparks sounds good, might give it a read, thanks

  3. Oh god I can relate to this post A LOT!
    My boyfriend is originally from Plymouth, and with me being form Liverpool - our first year and half of our relationship we had to travel to see each other. Which meant once a month we would use Megabus and do the 9 hour trip. OOHOHHHHH They were bad! hahaha. The last hour or two wasnt bad, because it was night by then, and the bus mostly empty, and it was relaxing. But the rest of the trip was always so bad haha! So glad we dont have to do that anymore! :)
    These are some fantastic suggestions!!
    I used to use Netflix and read a lot haha :)

    Jemma xx

  4. aw so you totally understand how I feel! I used to hate the dreaded 9 hour journey!! aw thanks :) yeah it's nice to get through a good book to be honest!


  5. Oh I need to remember this before I go on holiday, I get bored so quickly and travelling is always stressful for me because i'm so unorganised! The travel pouch with things in is such a great idea. Loved reading this post and will definitely be coming back to this!
    Love, Jessica

    1. aw thank you! Yeah the travel pouch is so handy, I think it's from accessorise and they have loads of cute patterns to choose from!



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