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Friday, 6 February 2015

6 ways to stay organised at university

I'm in my third and last year of university and I think (after about 15 years of education) I've finally learnt how to keep myself organised. I thought I'd share my tips with you.

1. Lists, lists, lists

It's no secret, I'm list obsessed. I constantly have multiple lists lying around my bedroom. I compile a few different lists; for example, one for uni work, one for blogging and one for little jobs such as do the washing or hoovering. They help me see what I actually need to do (and there's no denying it, the feeling of checking something off a list is just so satisfactory).

2. Set aside time for little things

Some people forget that we don't just work, eat and sleep. You need to set aside time for little jobs such as washing and hoovering. If you try and create a schedule where you only work and sleep then you will ultimately fail, be realistic.

3. Have 'working hours' and let yourself relax

This relates to the previous point, be realistic. You cannot possibly work all of the time. Set yourself hours in the day which you will dedicate to working, once you get home or you complete these hours, you know it's okay to relax without feeling guilty and pressured.

4. Cute stationary

I have so many little notepads, pens and post-its lying around. I feel that nice stationary makes me slightly more motivated to get myself organised. I love my Filofax, I think it's just so cute and I love using it, so it makes me much more organised!

5. Schedule in advance

If you know and event is coming up, you're away for the weekend or you have multiple deadlines in one day, plan in advance. You need to keep on top of your work, so if you know something is going to get in the way of this, plan around it and then you can completely enjoy it when the time comes, without feeling the dread of looming work.


I promise you, the three (or four) years whizz by. Remember to take time to enjoy it and don't let the stress cloud your university experience. I've had the best time ever at uni. Yes, I've been incredibly stressed at times; deadlines and exams are not exactly the easiest things to get through. However, I've had the best three years of my life, made the best friends and I wouldn't change a thing.

Do you have any tips to stay organised at university or work?

elise rose


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