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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Being healthy as a student

It's hard to stay healthy as a student. Surrounded by alcohol, cheap takeaways and even cheaper ready meals; not to mention the price of healthy food is craaazy.

So, I have compiled a few tips about how I like to stay healthy as a student.

1. Drink LOADS of water 

This one is pretty easy. Since I've been drinking more water not only do I feel more awake, but my skin is so much better and I just feel more 'fresh'.

Most of you will drink way less water than you're supposed to (recommended 2 litres a day). However there's this great little app called, 'WaterBalance' which I use all the time. It basically tells you how much water you're meant to drink, you can update it each time you have a drink and it even has little achievements to reach, which really motivates me.

2. Smoothies

Yes, a green smoothie does look off-putting to me. Which is why I hadn't gone anywhere near one until a couple of weeks ago. Honestly, I have been missing out.
Although they may not look appealing, if you make them right, they can taste AMAZING! (plus they're super good for you)
Smoothie featured above:
three ice cubes
one banana
one pear
four prunes
one handful of spinach
one handful of kale
one tablespoon of a 'multi seed mix' 
fill it up about half way with coconut water

3. A gym that doesn't drain your student loan

Home workouts are the place to be. I love the 30 Day Challenge apps, I'm currently doing the abs challenge and the squat challenge. They're really quick to do and you can track your progress throughout the 30 days. (they're also free!) 

YouTube is a haven for yoga videos. If you're starting out, instead of spending your money on a class full of inhumanely flexible yogis, just pop onto youtube, find yourself a beginners tutorial and 'find your zen' in the comfort of your own bedroom.

4. Join a sports society

If you're at university, I'd highly recommend joining a sports society. I joined lacrosse knowing nothing about it, not only does it keep you fit, but you make so many new friends and experiencing a sports social is a must. Some societies may only accept experienced members, however if you have a look at your university's societies, you'll most likely stumble upon something which accepts beginners.

5. Food and Fitness blogs

I absolutely LOVE food and fitness blogs and instagram accounts. I could spend hours browsing through, bookmarking and screen-shotting new exercises and recipes to try. Who needs a personal trainer when you can follow an instagram account which posts new exercises every day!

I really hope these tips have helped/inspired some of you at university (and those who aren't). I'd love to know if anyone has any more tips for staying healthy!

elise rose


  1. Great post :) I'm on a weightloss journey and love posts like this!

    Bex x

    1. Aw thank you, I've been slowly losing weight for a while and love picking up little tips along the way, it's nice to know people do the same


  2. ooo I love this, im gunna give that smoothie a go it sounds delicious!!! x

    1. I was so surprised when I made it, tastes great! Enjoy!


  3. Such good tips, I ate so unhealthily at Uni, was terrible! xx

    1. aw thanks! I did in my first year and then decided to get healthier, I love it now!



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